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Apothecary Essentials Jar - Blue Set

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Apothecary Essentials Jar - Blue Set

Apothecary Essentials Jar set includes a Natural Sea Sponge, Chiffon Dream Bath Sponge, Bamboo Paddle Nail Brush, Bamboo Exfoliating Face Brush, in a reusable Apothecary Glass Jar.


Apothecary Glass Jar size: 9" x 5"


Spa Sister is a premium brand of spa and wellness accessories. Supplying fine apothecaries, premium gift, and bath shops for nearly three decades, we know the perfect complements to your fine bath and skin care lines.


Natural Sea Sponges -

100% Sea Sponges are a natural choice. Harvested from the sea, these renewable resources are kind to the skin, gently cleansing as they exfoliate.

Chiffon Dreamy Bath Sponge -

Scrub your cares away with this Chiffon Dream Sponge. With this chiffon spa sponge, your body will appreciate the luxurious, gentle cleansing using your own favorite bath soap or gel. Afterward, your skin will feel soft and look radiant.

Bamboo Paddle Nail Brush -

An all natural, full-sized nail brush to clean even the toughest jobs. Made of sustainable bamboo.

Bamboo Exfoliating Face Brush -

Eco-friendly! Made with bamboo and all-natural bristles. Gentle facial exfoliator. Use with your favorite foaming cleanser to deep-clean pores and whisk away impurities.



WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –