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  • Felted Trivets Felted Trivets

    Felted Trivets


    Give your home new life with our Black Felted Trivet. The felted wool pom trivet features a detailed design. This trivet is made of 100% wool. The trivet should be spot cleaned only. We love adding this to your kitchen for a touch of style and elegance...

  • Magic Happens Kitchen Boa

    Magic Happens Kitchen Boa


    Perfect for making a fashionable statement both in and out of the kitchen, the striking Magic Happens Kitchen Boa® from the byDesign Serving Collection by artist Laura Laiben is the perfect piece to gift to any chef or aspiring cook. This stylish and...

  • Torus Tea Infuser-Carbon Torus Tea Infuser-Carbon

    Torus Tea Infuser-Carbon


    Torus is a donut-shaped tea infuser and as its geometric name. The unique design of a twistable tube allows it to clip on any cup or transform into a S-hook to hang on the rim of taller tumbler. Just fill with a teaspoon of loose tea leaves, hang on a...

  • Round Buoy Tea Infuser Round Buoy Tea Infuser

    Round Buoy Tea Infuser


    Buoy is a tea infuser designed with the unique feature of a combined 'handle and hook' which conveniently grabs the rim of a cup or small teapot. Simply slide the lid up, scoop the loose tea leaves and brew. Material: Matt steel + silicone. Dimension: 4...

  • Hot Chocolate Molinillo-Small Hot Chocolate Molinillo-Small

    Hot Chocolate Molinillo-Small


    The molinillo is a Mexican wooden whisk that’s used to mix up and add froth to a batch of Mexican hot chocolate. Simply roll the shaft between your palms to churn, mix, and foam the chocolate. The molinillo is also great for muddling fruits and herbs in...

  • Coffee Scoop Bag Clips

    Coffee Scoop Bag Clips


    Stamped silverplate coffee scoop features "Home ON BREWS CONTROL," "HERE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE" or "GRAB LIFE BY THE BEANS" sentiment and functional clip handle for coffee bag closure. Size: 7" Material: METAL

  • Tea Bag Spoon Press

    Tea Bag Spoon Press


    Clever tongs allow liquid pressed from steeped tea bag to flow through "TEA" cut-out on spoon face. Handles are stamped with "TEA-RIFFIC" or "TAS-TEA" sentiment. Size: 5 1/2" Material: METAL