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  • Boo Bunnie Boo Bunnie

    Boo Bunnie


    Keep this wooly boo-bunnie® in the fridge or freezer and when boo-boos happen, apply to the hurt and watch the tears disappear! Each comfort toy: It is machine washable (Bunnie). Comes with a durable distilled water-filled cube that is dishwasher safe...

  • Ouch Pouch Book Ouch Pouch Book

    Ouch Pouch Book


    Soft printed fabric book comes with gel filled "bandage" shaped ouch pouch. Place pouch in the freezer to soothe any small "ouch!" story. Provides a comforting distraction for those little bumps. DETAILS Size: 5 1/4" x 5 1/2" Material: COTTON Care...