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  • My First Tool Box Set My First Tool Box Set

    My First Tool Box Set


    Let your little one pretend to be Daddy with our Kids First Tool Box. The 10-piece set comes with a plastic tool box. The set also comes with a wearable tool belt, screwdriver, hammer, drill + bits with noise, level, hacksaw, wood planks, wrench and...

  • Flash Rocks

    Flash Rocks


    Knock these rocks together for an electrical effect. Flash rocks are one of the few minerals with piezoelectric properties. So, when subjected to mechanical stress, these two little rocks generate an electrical charge and glow. 

  • Glowing Putty, Gels & Slime Kit

    Glowing Putty, Gels & Slime Kit


    The science of slime! Our Copernicus Toys fan favorite hands on explorations of states of matter, the chemistry behind gels, polymers, and phosphorescence. Experiment making glow-in-the-dark gel, a putty substance that flows and stretches, breaks and...

  • Dinosaur multi-voice changer

    Dinosaur multi-voice changer


    Only from Good Banana, the Dinosaur Voice Changer comes with 4 different voice effects: Cartoon, Voice Disguiser, Voice Dropper, Robot. Just press & hold your effect of choice, batteries included.

  • Human Powered Light

    Human Powered Light


    Turn your body's natural static charge .You can generate enough static to light up this little bulb. Feet dragging required! Part of Copernicus Toys Compact Curiosities line. D: 0.13.

  • DIY Bubble Gum Kit

    DIY Bubble Gum Kit


    Get ready for some sticky gooey fun. This kit makes over a half pound of the most delicious bubble gum you ever tasted. Have a bubble blowing contest. A great sensory activity! Kit provides all of the ingredients necessary: gum base, powdered sugar, gum...

  • Sense & Grow Sensory Pop Tubes

    Sense & Grow Sensory Pop Tubes


    Discover The Fascinating World Of Toddler Sensory Toys! If you are in search of an interactive activity to stimulate your kid's memory and fine motor skills while doing something fun and interesting, then you are at the right place. The colorful fidget...