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  • Heart Stackable Markers

    Heart Stackable Markers


    These stackable markers are the best! These super cute hearts can be detached to reveal many colorful markers. Need blue? Pink? Purple? This marker has them all and more! It's a fantastic combination of cute and practical!




    So now that you have your perfect collection of mechanical pencils, scented erasers and gel pens ready for every writing need, where are you going to keep these treasures? In this vibrant, colorful, and oh so fun pen and pencil case! It features an...

  • Sharks Clipboard Set Sharks Clipboard Set

    Sharks Clipboard Set


    Staying in touch has never been more fun! Our sharks clipboard set is a shark lovers dream. Featuring a cool design with your favorite fierce beast, this set includes a clipboard portfolio, notepad, envelopes, a sticker sheet and a pen. Perfect for...

  • Make Your Own Paper Kit

    Make Your Own Paper Kit


    Everything you need to create your own flower paper. Includes: flowers, wood frame, resuable cloth, sponge and 3 envelopes. Design: Hector Serrano; Material: pinewood, flowers, paper, cellulose; Prod. Dim.: 18 x 23 x 4,3 cm; Pack. Dim.: 18 x 23 x 4,3...

  • Newton's Lab Wind Energy Kit

    Newton's Lab Wind Energy Kit


    Learn about wind energy by making your own windmill, blow on to the blades and see how it lights up the house. Includes: Die-cut Cardboard pieces, fan head, velum paper, sticker sheets, electric motor & LED light. Design: Hector Serrano; Material: PP,...

  • Crafters Ceramic Jewelry

    Crafters Ceramic Jewelry


    Want to make yourself clay jewelry but don't know where to start? This kit contains everything you need to make your own unique jewelry. 6 colors of polymeric clay, forms for earrings and a necklace.

  • Newton's Lab Pulley Crane

    Newton's Lab Pulley Crane


    Build and use the Pulley Crane to teach your kids about how a pulley can be used to change the direction of applied forces and lift heavy objects. Kit includes die cut cardboard pieces, metal screws and nuts, metal hook, sticker sheets, wooden dowel,...

  • Crafters Block Printing

    Crafters Block Printing


    This kit give you all the materials you need to create colorful, original prints. TPR block, black stamp, silver stamp, 3 sets of card & envelopes, 1 piece of carbon paper, 1 set of plastic carving knives, template and an instruction sheet.