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White Sage Chakra Healing Gift Box

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White Sage Chakra Healing Gift Box
Our White Sage Chakra Healing Gift Box is perfect for your intentional aura cleansing and balancing work. Each sage bundle corresponds with a specific chakra. Follow the guide below to understand how to use each piece in your kit for specific healing. * Base Chakra Red: grounding, home life, finances, work, physical * Sacral Chakra Orange: creativity, manifestation, sex, birth * Solar Plexus Chakra Yellow: confidence, pride, will power * Heart Chakra Green: love, passion, purpose * Throat Chakra Blue: expression of self, emotions and truth * Third Eye Chakra Purple: intuition, psychic abilities * Crown Chakra Pink: knowingness, self-awareness, logic, study Details: * 7 bundles of white sage with sinuata flowers * Packaged in a Pretty Spirits box with black crinkle paper Sage can be used to cleanse negative energy lingering in your home or office, or to cleanse your own spiritual body.