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  • Timber Tower Timber Tower

    Timber Tower


    Regal Games Timber Tower. Pull out a block without crashing the stack to win a game of Tumbling Tower. Fun birthday gift, Christmas present, stocking stuffer, Easter basket stuffer, or unique party favor. Ages 5+

  • Flash Rocks

    Flash Rocks


    Knock these rocks together for an electrical effect. Flash rocks are one of the few minerals with piezoelectric properties. So, when subjected to mechanical stress, these two little rocks generate an electrical charge and glow. 

  • Human Powered Light

    Human Powered Light


    Turn your body's natural static charge .You can generate enough static to light up this little bulb. Feet dragging required! Part of Copernicus Toys Compact Curiosities line. D: 0.13.

  • DIY Bubble Gum Kit

    DIY Bubble Gum Kit


    Get ready for some sticky gooey fun. This kit makes over a half pound of the most delicious bubble gum you ever tasted. Have a bubble blowing contest. A great sensory activity! Kit provides all of the ingredients necessary: gum base, powdered sugar, gum...

  • Instant Winter

    Instant Winter


    Create winter fun and ponder polymers. Makes ~2 cups of cool snow-like stuff with volume swelling and water absorbing properties. Hands-on science and a great sensory activity. Perfect for yetis and chilly chemists!

  • DIY Unicorn Pillow Kit

    DIY Unicorn Pillow Kit


    Create a Magical Unicorn Pillow We’ve got the perfect activity to keep kids occupied while having a fun time. Kids will love the B Me DIY Unicorn Pillow kit because it offers a great creative outlet, and they’ll get a unique keepsake out of it. They’ll...

  • Dreidel Pop 'n Spin Game Dreidel Pop 'n Spin Game

    Dreidel Pop 'n Spin Game


    Forget spinning - get in on some Dreidel popping action with this fun and competitive Dreidel Pop & Spin game! Up to 4 players compete to get their pieces all around the board, all by the pop of the Dreidel!

  • Dreidels filled with Colored Gel Putty Dreidels filled with Colored Gel Putty

    Dreidels filled with Colored Gel Putty


    Squish and Spin! Introducing a whole new way to play with a Dreidel with these unique Dreidels that are filled with reusable colored putty that kids love to play with and squeeze between their fingers. introduces a whole new way to play with a Dreidel!...