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Make Your Own Fairy Lantern Night Light

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Make Your Own Fairy Lantern Night Light

You Don’t Have To Believe In Fairies In Order To Create The Ultimate Fairy Lanterns!

Once upon a time, there were little glowing fairies looking for a new home. They had traveled the world in search of a kid with a big heart and an even bigger imagination to help them build a home, where they could carry on spreading pixie dust and illuminating their world.

It’s time to set those smartphones, tablets, and video game controllers aside, and dive head-first into a magical world filled with fairies, lights, and pixie dust!

Presenting A Luxurious Fairy Nightlight Lantern Craft Kit.

Nothing compares to the satisfaction derived from our own handicrafts. And this light-up fairy lantern craft kit is created to fill with pride young and adult crafters. It is easy to use for kids, provides a mess-free assembly and will help the whole family spend quality time together at the weekend or during their summer holidays. Makes 3 fairy jars.